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Larry & Me

I've recently begun watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. I'm years late to the party but better late than never, I say. It's a very funny show and one I enjoy watching. And, as with everything I enjoy, there's something strange going on. Larry David and I are a lot alike. Not physically, we're opposites there, like Disney villians or Pinky and The Brain. Our likeness comes in the form of a shared eccentricity, one part neurosis, one part paranoia, and the rest comprised of all the weirdness around us. eam of conscuious talking? Check. Answering my own questions? Check. All the constant yelling and name calling? Absent, thankfully. I like peace and quiet in the physical world to offset the storm in my mind. then there are the little things: a love of spongecake. Good Chinese food. I even carry a small Swiss Army Knife with scissors like the one Larry used to cut Judy the doll's hair. s strange to see a character who reminds one of oneself, but at least my