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.Links I Like.

What would a website be without a links page? DEAD! Here are a few links, in no particular order.

Free Software Foundation This link will take you to the website of the Free Software Foundation. Here you'll find lots of information about free software, not only free as in cost (altho much of it is), but free as in freedom to use, study, change and redistribute.

Working hard to ensure you have the freedom to use that software is the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit group of activists working to protect the rights of computer and Net users. The EFF's concerns are diverse, such as file sharing, database ownership and usage, online privacy and copyright/trademark law.

HTML Tutorial The World Wide Web has forever changed the face of communications. Freedom of the press now extends beyond those who own presses to anyone who uses a computer. But what if you want to construct a website of your own but don't know how to do it? Where do you turn? Simple: The World Wide Web Consortium's HTML Tutorial. The W3C is the organization behind the Web, defining standards and protocols. This tutorial will help you to develop your own site quickly and easily. Once that's mastered, you can learn more advanced techniques using the Cascading Style Sheets tutorial.

Ruby is one of the fastest growing, most flexible programming languages available. It's also easy to learn and free (as defined above, no less). Rubyforge hosts a large number of open source programs to run or contribute to.

If you're going to write code, you need a good text editor. I highly recommend Vim, a free editor that's easy to learn, loaded with features to streamline the development process, and available for many platforms. Project leader Bram Moolenarr encourages all vim users to donate to worthy causes, including his favorite project which helps poor children in Uganda.

Jolt Cola The programmer's best friend! Jolt Cola is renowned for having "all the sugar and twice the caffeine" of the other brands. And they know their market well, sponsoring a programming award series where the winner receives a can of JC encased in a block of lucite.

Distrowatch If you're a real nerd like me, you like to keep on top of what's going on in the ever-changing world of GNU/Linux. Distrowatch is a site devoted to the many distributions of GNU/Linux available.

Wikipedia A large online collaboration, Wikipedia aims to be THE online encyclopedia. Interestingly, anyone who wants can create or edit entries, making it a great experiment in community management of a large web project. Sign up and share your knowledge with the world.

Screenwriters' Utopia A site for the aspiring screenwriter with interviews, reviews, forums and more.

White House Political satire at its finest. This hilarious site gives an intimate look at life in the Bush White House. An important aside: This site was recently criticised by the Bush Administration for its portrayal of the Commander in Chief, who also commented There should be limits to freedom. Strong words coming from the man entrusted to protect and uphold the Constitution that guarantees those freedoms.

The Onion More humour! The Onion is a satirical online news site covering all manner of current events and even a few historical ones, too. Highly recommended to all consumers of mass media.

FAIR Speaking of mass media, visit FAIR, an acronym for Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. This site exposes acts of bias and self-censorship by the media. Also, check out Project Censored to learn about the 25 most underreported stories of the year.

Alternet Always get a second opinion. Alternet is a fine source of alternative news, with opinions and reports from around the world, and a fine contrast to the rightwing views of such outlets as Fox News. For a walk on the wilder side, try Guerilla News Network and Disinfo.

A great blog I enjoy immensely is Kiko's House, written by journalist Shaun Mullen, who provides insight gained from a long career in print.

John Pilger A dissident journalist, Pilger is a contemporary of Chomsky, sharing a cynical view of power and wealth, daring to expose the brutality hidden by a complacent, self-censoring media. Ever tried to figure out exactly what the heck the talking head on the news was saying? Learn how language has been evolved (meaning perverted) to express an ideology (limit your thinking to the preferred opinion) at this site. Also, visit the Forum, which is much more active.

Chomsky Archive Feed your mind here. The Chomsky Archive is a wealth of material from or about Noam Chomsky, linguist, activist, and the most important intellectual alive today. (The New York Times' description, not mine). Not always easy to agree with but certainly enlightening.

Ed Weston A true master of photography. Weston lived passionately and photographed brilliantly with a style all his own, a near-perfect balance of light, shape, and composition.

Manuel Alvarez Bravo Another great photographer of a bygone era. Bravo's work is sublimely moving and beautiful.

The GIMP is a powerful piece of photo editing software. While there are many tutorials on the web, one of the best sites I've found is GIMP Guru, a repository for users of all skill levels.

Sydney Bears Ice hockey down under! When I moved to Sydney from the US I thought my ice hockey fan days were over, only to discover Australia has a professional league of its own. GO BEARS!!!

Carl Jung Interested in psychology, how the mind works, why we do the things we do? This site is devoted to the philosophy of one of the founding fathers of psychology, Dr. Carl Jung.

Ram Dass Former Harvard professor, author, mystic, guru to a generation, Ram Dass (formerly Dr. Richard Halpert) has spent decades travelling the globe, teaching and helping those in need. Read more here.

Terrence McKenna A man with ideas as far-out as the generation that produced him. McKenna (1946-2000) was a botanist/shamanologist with broad-ranging interests and ideas such as: a) raves and other gatherings of youth are a modern return to tribalism, as described in his book The Archaic Revival (I must say I agree); b) that humanity evolved from stoned apes who ate psilocybin mushrooms, experienced a sudden expansion of consciousness, and evolved into social creatures with a curious thirst for knowledge (I'm not so sure about that one...); c) that time is fractal and we are rapidly accelerating toward an apocalyptic change of epochs the likes of which we're hard pressed to imagine, which is to take place on December 23, 2012, the same day the Maya calendar predicts the end of time (?????). RIP, Terrence, you left us much to think about.

The Sun A magazine of ideas, The Sun never fails to deliver articulate, meaningful writing and moving photography. My favourite feature is the Readers Write section featuring reader's missives on a monthly theme. Several compilation books are also available. Highly regarded and recommended. A spiritual website featuring spiritual writings of all sorts, from sacred texts to Grateful Dead lyrics. A must for the metaphysically minded.

Australian Geographic A fine organisation involved with the study and protection of Australia's environment and wildlife. Get a subscription to the magazine, you'll be amazed by what you see.

David Suzuki A passionate, articulate voice of the conservation movement, Dr. Suzuki has campaigned tirelessly for sustainable living and environmental preservation. Learn how you can help build a sustainable future here. An online community for Australian plant enthusiasts, which includes resources for finding and growing exotic plants and cacti. This is where I learned a bit of mugwort tea before bed causes your head to explode with dreams all night!

Jackson Browne My favourite songwriter of all time. I recently attended a JB concert at the Sydney Opera House; I can only describe the show as amazing. This is an unofficial fan site full of links & info.

Ever ponder what might have been? Then alternate history is your thing. In a nutshell, AH asks "What if..." A fine example of AH is the Philip K. Dick novel "The Man In The High Castle," which explores a world in which the Axis powers won World War II. For discussion, try the Alternate History Discussion board.